10 Best WordPress Hosting 2022

If you are a regular WordPress user, you certainly know the importance of quality WordPress hosting. There is always a chance of losing your sites if you do not use a trusted provider. For a successful website, it is a key component to have a good web host. WordPress hosting is quite different from any other regular hosting. The hosting from WordPress provides specific hosting with better services, support, and performance for its sites.
The decision to select WordPress hosting can be quite overwhelming as there are so many hosting companies available in the market. Getting the right hosting will increase your sales and improves your SEO. It helps in delivering the standard performance for the company. So, we are here to assist you to choose the best hosting company with ease.
Here we present to you the top 10 best WordPress hosting providers in 2022. This list is based on speed tests, user ratings, and performance data. These 10 WordPress hostings are most suited for starting a portfolio site, WordPress blog, or small business. However, they can be used more than that as per the usability.

1. Hostinger

    Hostinger is a European web hosting provider. It helps agencies to create multiple websites for their clients. This web hosting is great for companies who have large traffic sites and want to increase the scale without switching providers. It is all in one gateway for creating a website as well as getting web hosting. It has a website builder plan along with hosting services. It is very popular for its do-it-yourself website building feature.
    Hostinger is a great option for newbies and professional WordPress developers. As a client, you can get offers like great customer support and fast speed to its clients.


    You may have to pay for a hosting service and a domain name to make your WordPress website live. For additional features, you need to get premium plugins or themes.

    How to set up your website with Hostinger?

    • You need to pick a trustworthy web hosting company.
    • Choose which website upload method you want to go for File Transfer Protocol, File Manager, or any other.
    • Upload website file using FileZilla or Files Manager
    • Move the Website files to the main root directory
    • Import your database
    • Check whether or not the website working properly

    2. Godaddy

    GoDaddy is one of the largest trusted domain registrars empowering creative ideas for a successful online presence via website creation. It is easy to buy the domain name with the domain search tools and domain name generator tools for the perfect website address for your company. It offers varieties of features such as Domain name, Domain value Appraisal, Websites & Stores, Online Sores, Email & Marketing, etc.

    It offers malware scans and backups on regular basis. The files are stored in a cloud generating a little money. Beginners can also use this hosting site conveniently due to its inclusion of a drag-and-drop tool for page building. GoDaddy also offers you automated voice, reminders for non-payment, and placement services.


    GoDaddy is free website hosting. It is mobile-friendly and comes with built-in marketing and is always available for customer support. You may have to upgrade to a paid plan for getting more exciting business-building features.

    How to set up your website with GoDaddy?

    • You need to register to a GoDaddy account on the web browser.
    • You will see a link saying “Web Hosting” then click “Launch”
    • Head over to your web’s HTML files
    • Select the folder where you want to upload files
    • Browse your system for web files.
    • Double click your file in a browser window.
    • Tap “upload” to transfer web files.
    • You will see your domain name.
    • Troubleshoot as and when necessary

    3. Bluehost

    Bluehost is one of the most heard and used brands for WordPress hosting. It is recommended by WordPress itself. If you are planning to build your brand new website, Bluehost might be the one for you. It has an addition to its existing features which is to provide a free domain name and one-click WordPress installation. The uptime and page speed is exceptionally good. The loading time is very fast ranging from 1.82s to 2.22s.

    The chat support and service are fast and friendly. Customer support assists in clearing installation issues at the initial stage. It generates a temporary URL for r visual demo of the website.


    The pricing policy of Blue shot is cost-effective. If you are looking for basic features on the website, you can opt for the basic package. However, you would have to buy a premium package for more features.

    How to get started with Blueshot?

    • Go to the Blue shot website.
    • Select your shared web hosting plan.
    • After that the latest version of WordPress would be installed for you.
    • You need to log in and finally, you get your website online.

    4. GreenGeeks

    GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly website. It is best for those who want to have a shared hosting plan optimized for WordPress. It includes hundreds of WordPress tutorials. This hosting charges just a few fees for WordPress security and speedy performance. It also has a 300% renewable energy match that makes it carbon reduction efficient.
    You will get upgraded security for WordPress from malware and other threats. It gives a free certification of SSL and renews every 90 days.


    GreenGeeks has a light, pro, and premium plan for its clients. The prices of these plans are based on 3 years commitment plan and each of these plans comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The Lite plan is suitable for one website and the Pro and Premium plan is well suited for unlimited websites.


    How to set up your website with GreenGeeks?

    • First, log in to GreenGeeks
    • Point your domain name
    • Set up your website
    • Set up email
    • Create FTP accounts and your website is ready for online presence.

    5. SiteGround

      SiteGround is officially recommended by WordPress. It can be an excellent choice to build any WordPress site. It can be optimized to house WordPress sites of any type and size. It has easy-to-use tools which are very helpful while setting up the website. It has 24/7 customer service via live chat and phone calls. 


      Talking about the hosting plan of SiteGround, you need to pay on monthly basis for all of its plans. It offers three types of shared hosting plans.

      How to set up your website with SiteGround?

      • Verify for new domain registration
      • Point the new domain to SiteGround
      • Transsfer your domain to SiteGround
      • Manage domain registration information
      • Manage domain name servers
      • Add domain to the site
      • Change the Site’s domain name and your website is online.

      6. Cloudways

        Cloudways is managed cloud hosting platform. It sets a goal to resolve issues of cloud hosting for web agencies, designers, developers, and eCommerce stores. It provides flexible and extensive options. With just one click you can add unlimited staging URLs, more server space, and much more.
        It has almost 62 data centers in the world. It implies that you would have no issues with rapid speed and reliable performance. Cloudways are protected with end-to-end encryption that ensures all data in transit is encrypted with HTTPS protocol.


        The rates of pricing depend on factors like the level of RAM, storage, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and bandwidth. The IaaS includes- Linode, DigitalOcean, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud.


        How to set up your website with Cloudways?

        • You need to register your domain. (for first-timers)
        • Launch your application and server
        • Map domain and manager DNS records
        • Secure your site with HTTPS
        • Configure email add-ons
        • Set up Cloudflare enterprise

        7. HostGator

          HostGator provides shared, virtual private server, reseller, and dedicated web hosting. It is one of the best website hosting among the top lists. It is a Houston-based hosting provider company. Some additional features are easy to use even by beginners looking for setting up their site. The gator tool is mostly used for website building. It might take a day or two for the website to go live HostGator.

          It is a fast and reliable hosting provider. The loading speed of HostGator is almost as fast as its cloud hosting.


          HostGator is currently offering three cloud hosting plans- A hatching plan renews, and a baby plan. HostGator is offering a free domain registration along with purchased cloud, optimized, and shared WordPress hosting plans with a year billing cycle plan.

          How to set up your website with HostGator?

          • Visit the HostGator website
          • Choose the pricing plan
          • Choose a domain name or you might connect to an existing domain
          • Create your account
          • Update your site with apps
          • Choose between traditional or express site builder
          • Add content and start editing
          • You are ready to publish your site

          8. Flywheel

            Flywheel hosting is a WordPress hosting provider for creative agencies, web designers, and web developers. It provides a reliable and fast speed service for smooth performance of the website. The services are configured for WordPress for speedy services. It has done a partnership with Google Cloud for a powerpack cloud hosting.


            Flywheel has three types of main pricing plans and a custom optional plan to choose from. These prices are for clients who wish to pay annually. Hence, for clients choosing to pay on monthly basis, the fees might get a bit higher.

            How to set up your website with Flywheel?

            • Go to the Flywheel website and sign up with a new account.
            • Go to the dashboard.
            • Click on the new site button, and fill in the information as required.
            • Choose the payment option.
            • your site will be launched.

            9. WP Engine

              WP Engine is classified as a hosted blogging platform. It provides brand solutions to build a great website and apps on WordPress. It is highly efficient hosting that assists excellent uptime, clout platform flexibility, security, backups on daily basis, and much more features.
              For the domain name and email accounts, you would have to use the other way round.
              The effective Content Management System (CMS) helps to create and edit content without coding. It is seen that almost 40% of the web is dependent on WordPress because it is reliable, efficient, and convenient to use.


              WP Engine is one of the most trusted WordPress hosting in the world. In 2021, WordPress announced that all of its local tools and features for WordPress development including the Local Pro are now free for the public.


              How to set up your website with WP Engine?

              • You need to log in to “my.wpengine.com”
              • Click to “Add Install” button at the top right corner
              • Type the installation name of your website (3 to 14 characters long)
              • Leave “Enable Multisite” unchecked
              • Click to “Save Install”
              • Click on the install name on the left sidebar
              • Click the “Domains” link
              • Click on the “Add Domain” button
              • Add the “non-www” version and click “Add Domain”
              • Open a new browser and navigate, (installation name of your site).wpengine.com
              • Your WordPress is now set up and it’s live on the web.

              10. InMotion

                InMotion is a web hosting provider company. It offers a range of web hosting services like scanning firewalls and malware, free SSL certificates, encrypting data, and regular monitoring networks. It is used by newbies, big companies, bloggers, and anyone looking for a great web hosting service. It is widely known for its high standard of customer service, reliable service, and variety of features.


                InMotion has a set of pricing plans- Core, Launch, Core, and Pro Plan. Its prices range from one plan to another. However, there is a special provision of a discount of up to 75% on a monthly plan for a 36-month term.


                How to set up your website with InMotion?

                • Start with signing up for a WordPress Hosting plan and select “Install WordPress Website Builder”
                • Login to the account management panel and click the “Manage my Website” icon
                • Choose one of an inspiration and press “Install”
                • Use page and post builder for editing texts, icons, images, and buttons and “Add for more sections with the add blocks buttons
                • Use drag and drop functionality to add blocks as per your need on the page
                • After making all the changes, click to publish and your new website would be live.

                What are the factors affecting WordPress hosting?


                The scale of a Website is one of the crucial factors that need to be considered. Scalable hosting assists to add storage, bandwidth, and extra resources just in time to meet the increased needs. Have you ever thought about what would happen to your website if thousands of people visit the site at the same time? The website will certainly crash. But, if you have set up WordPress hosting to Scalable, it can handle the wave.


                The Speed of a website loading should be quick. It should not take more than two seconds to load and open. Generally, the visitors do not want to wait longer than that. A good speed of a website is crucial for WordPress hosting to be effective. Thank god! the speed of a website is testable and you can get a good-performing hosting platform.
                The speed might be affected by the type of hosting provider. If you are hosting a new website, it is a good idea to host it on a shared hosting service provider with unlimited bandwidth, domains, space, emails, and much more.


                It is quite normal for WordPress sites to get hacked. It would bring huge damage to your business reputation and profit. The user information and passwords are vulnerable. Hence, it needs more security from the hosting provider. If the WordPress host does not care much about the website security, you might be at such risk. A good hosting provider is very careful in taking precautions to avoid such risks. You may use WordPress Plugins for a more secure website.


                In case you need any kind of support from your hosting provider, you should be able to get in touch with them easily. You might need to get some additional support from the hosting provider for setup or in general. However, this is quite not applicable to most of the hosting services.


                You can have more than one website on a single hosting setup. But, for that, you need to pick the right hosting account. It is crucial to look for all the features you need beforehand to begin the hosting package. On the other hand, the images and videos must be of high quality, you need to check whether or not the host is providing you with that.


                SSL refers to Secure Sockets Layer or HTTPS. It is a web protocol. It makes sure that the contents on the website have not been interfered with. The good news is that Google is discouraging people to visit websites with no SSL.

                Server location

                You would be choosing the server that is closest to your target audiences. But, it might not be feasible with most WordPress hosting. And, look out for the data centers the web host is offering. Check the performance of the data center.

                Types of hosting providers:

                Shared hosting

                Shared hosting is suitable for entry-level website hosting. Your website would be stored on the same server as many other multiple websites. The website would be stored on the same RAM and CPU. This type of hosting is relatively low which is a good option for starters.
                In this type of hosting, the provider is the sole host. You do not have to own a website or server. The contents you have on your site are shared among other users as well on the same server. There is a restriction on the installation of personal software on shared hosting. You are not allowed to use this hosting for commercial purposes as well.

                Virtual private server (VPS) hosting

                The VPS hosting is quite similar to shared hosting with some additional features. It is more flexible to install your software. You can have easy access to full root SSH to the dedicated server, and you are free to install any software you like. Hence, a VPS is a bridge between a shared server and a dedicated server.

                If you need a good grip on the website but do not need a dedicated server, VPS is the one for you. It has a lot to offer in customization and storage space and more. However, they cannot handle huge traffic usage. It is widely used by those website owners who do not have much technical knowledge but want to have dedicated hosting.

                Dedicated server hosting

                Dedicated hosting is more expensive as it has a lot more to offer about flexibility and control. It gives full control of your server and allows you to install any software on any site. You have full admin and root access. It is used by website owners who face a lot of traffic and need to control their servers. Hence, it requires an expert for the installation and management of this hosting.

                Cloud hosting

                Cloud hosting is a hosting solution that works through a network and enables companies to use computing resources such as a utility. Users can employ many resources as they need without building and maintaining their computing infrastructure. Those resources are spread over other servers which reduce the chance of downtime that may happen from malfunction. This hosting uses virtualization to access the resources of the server over a network.

                Managed hosting

                The hosting packages you see, most of them are managed ones. The hosting companies give technical services such as software and hardware setup, configuration, technical support, replacement of hardware, updating, and monitoring. The provider pays close attention to the daily operations of hardware, operating systems, and other standardized apps.


                You can choose to colocate your tools by renting space in a colocation center. It will provide bandwidth, IP address, bandwidth, and cooling systems. It gives access to a larger bandwidth compared to a normal server of an office at a low cost.


                Though there are a lot of options available for you to choose from when it comes best web hosting, you always need to go for a plan which is most suited for your needs. Every plan has some specific features that help you with your business. The major factor you should consider is the type of hosting, resources, budget, and amount of traffic you are expecting.














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