10 Best WordPress Search Plugins for 2022 (Mostly Free)

10 Best WordPress Search Plugins for 2022 (Mostly Free)

Just a few WordPress themes come up along with a built-in search option. However, it may not be enough to provide relevant content. Therefore, it would be wise to incorporate a search tool right away. Well, the default WordPress search might not deliver pertinent results when a user wants a search. Searching for certain categories, custom articles, or other items is more difficult.

The Search Plugins are useful in this situation. You have the option to upgrade or replace your search feature. Your visitors will find more pertinent search results as a result. Additionally, it guarantees a better user experience. 

What is the need to add search plugins to your website?

No doubt, the default WordPress search functions to some extent, but that's pretty much all it has. It provides scant flexibility and slow search results. Additionally, it has the simplest appearance of   any search bar you can find. Yes, a search bar's aesthetic appeal won't get much attention, but that doesn't imply you should neglect it.

Every website can benefit from search engines in a variety of ways. No matter how user-friendly your website is, there will always be people who are unable to discover what they are looking for.

Anyone can easily access specific information using search bars. Just consider Google's level of popularity. Let's take the example of a website where you sell video games. There may be hundreds of games in each of the various categories into which video games can be divided. It is poor design to make a visitor try to manually find what they are looking for.

The major features of WordPress search plugin:

  • Speed 

An excellent search plugin is quick and able to provide accurate results without making anyone feel uninterested. Your visitors will leave if it takes too long to display the search result without informing them.

A slow website is disliked by all. not customers, not search engines, and definitely not by anyone. It's undesirable if your website has little searches. Any effective search system plugin must therefore be quick. 

  • Phrase Searching

The majority of visitors won't enter a blog or product's name exactly on your website. No, they will only get a small portion of it right; the rest will be handled by the search engine.

Visitors must be given access to their search results. Similar to that, if your search engine can look up phrases, visitors will have no trouble finding what they were looking for.

  • Search Logs

The first part of the battle is knowing what your visitors want, and search logs help you do that. They monitor visitor searches, which provides you with the data you need to promote content and items to them.

  • Visible Search Bar

For your visitors to find your search box, it must be incredibly obvious; otherwise, it serves no purpose. They can conclude that your website lacks a search bar as a result and decide not to stay on it any longer.

  • Effective Searching Features

When it comes to filtering and limiting the search results, it is quite helpful. So be sure to use a search plugin to find them. Sorting options can help to narrow down the search results and make them appear better integrated.

10 WordPress search plugins:

1. Ivory Search 


Ivory Search is a simple to use advanced WordPress search plugin. It improves the built-in WordPress search and gives you the option to make brand-new unique search forms.

You can construct an infinite number of search forms with Ivory Search, and you can edit each form separately to do various kinds of searches on the content of your website.

2. FiboSearch


Without live product search or even SKU search, WooCommerce offers a very basic search option. Advanced search with real-time suggestions is offered by FiboSearch (formerly known as Ajax Search for WooCommerce).

Who doesn't enjoy real-time suggestions as you type? Customers anticipate intelligent product search in 2021. According to the most recent UX research from Baymard Institute, 96% of the largest e-commerce websites now offer search autocomplete, auto-suggest, or an instant search feature.

3. Advanced Woo Search


Advanced Woo Search is a powerful search plugin for WooCommerce. Supports AJAX search and search results page display. You can select the pre-defined search results layout that best suits your preferences from a variety of options.

This plugin comes with a ton of helpful features. For every item in the search results, you may also show an add to cart button. Similar to that, you may quickly alter how your search results appear. With the aid of the built-in Multilingual support, the search results can be shown in any chosen language.

4. Relevanssi Live Ajax Search


Relevanssi is a well-liked WordPress search plugin with many functions and setting possibilities. The plugins tend to provide only relevant search results, as suggested by their namesake.

It has a ton of features, including search phrase and term highlights, quotations, and fuzzy matching for partial words. Additionally, it enables users to search using taxonomies, tags, comments, and custom post kinds.

5. Ajax Search Lite


Ajax Search Lite is a responsive, live Search Plugin for WordPress. It has an ajax-powered search bar that is user-friendly. To improve user experience, the plugin also includes Google autocomplete and keyword suggestions.

It has a flexible responsive layout that works with a variety of mobile devices and browsers. Posts, pages, titles, descriptions, and excerpts can all be searched.

6. Search & Replace 


You can use Search & Replace to find everything and replace it with everything, but you can first quickly backup and restore your database. Please remember that this plugin only searches for and replaces the items listed in the "Replace With" field in order to prevent problems.

7. Search Regex


WordPress posts, pages, custom post kinds, and other data sources gain access to a robust set of search and replace methods thanks to Search Regex. These enable you to search and replace nearly any data contained on your site and go beyond the basic searching features.

You have access to the entire power of PHP's regular expressions in addition to basic searches.

8. Better Search Replace


You'll probably encounter the necessity to perform a search/replace on the database while relocating your WordPress site to a new domain or server in order for everything to function properly.

Thankfully, there are a number of plugins that may be used for this purpose, but each one takes a different approach to a few crucial elements.

9. Smart WooCommerce Search


Your customers will have the ability to find any product on your online store with the help of this Instant Ajax WooCommerce search plugin. Simply add the necessary keyword, and the plugin will begin listing each WooCommerce item individually.

For websites with a big number of product items, this plugin is essential. Your smart search can be totally customized. The plugin also smoothly connects with the WooCommerce Product Search widget.

10. SearchWP Live Ajax Search 


Your search forms can use live search that is powered by AJAX thanks to SearchWP Live Ajax Search. The goal of SearchWP Live Ajax Search, which aspires to be a developer's closest buddy, is to remain out of the way while yet letting you personalize every aspect of it.

It is configured to work with any WordPress theme and displays results using a template loader.