SEO Tips For eCommerce Website 2023

SEO Tips For eCommerce Website 2023

Do you have any e-Commerce site or any online business that is only known in your friend’s circles and family? Then it is the time to know that, your site needs proper SEO and best SEO tips to make your website well known among all. SEO refers to ” search engine optimization.” It is the simple process of bringing your site to the top in search engines by getting high traffic and visitor. Before starting the SEO tips for your sites, first of all, you need to know the following things:

  • About your Site.
  • For what purpose.
  • How committed you are towards your job.

Let start with some awesome SEO tips:

Make an effective and unique title for each page

The title on the page is a very important part of the SEO. It is quite difficult to write a unique title for each page, but it is very important for good SEO. Including the focus keywords in your title and the name of your company, in the end, make the perfect combination for the best title.

Increased CTR by improving meta description

Google doesn’t use the description for raking or to understand the page’s topic. That doesn’t mean it’s useless to focus on meta description while doing SEO, meta description makes huge differences in your CTR. Because of good meta description in your sites, improve your traffic without any movements in the rankings.

Avoid duplicate content

Duplicate content is the major issue found while doing SEO. If your content is similar to others, then you need to fix it. Product page duplications are most common, that found in e-commerce and it’s caused by:

  • Copying the descriptions of others
  • Multiple products with the same color and size.

Product image Optimization

E-commerce sites contain many images in many different categories. An image has a great SEO effort as a Google image search result can provide a lot of traffic to your websites. So, all images must contain proper and related ALT attributes.

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