Free Shipping Motivator Announcement Bar

Free shipping motivator announcement bar, encourages people to add more products in the cart by displaying how much more do they need in order to qualify for free shipping. The required amount of free shipping updates in real time as they(customer) add more products in the cart. When buyers add items less than the threshold they see an announcement encouraging them to just add another product of a certain amount to take advantage of free shipping. This would help increase your average order value.

  1. No app or monthly fees.
  2. No external JS & CSS( App increases the loading speed of the website).
  3. Customizable( background color, text color, text, etc).
  4. Customizable threshold amount ( Example $25, $60 )
  5. Can be used as a regular/standard notification bar if you do not offer free shipping in your store.
  • $90.00 translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $105.00

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