Best Free Shopify Themes 2017

Best Free Shopify Themes 2017

Hundreds and even thousands of online stores use Shopify as their eCommerce store management platform. Shopify has been most common and easy content management system (CMS) for online store and especially those who want to do drop shipping. Myself doing drop - shipping business using Shopify I love to use Shopify, I think it's a great platform, especially for those people who want to start the e-commerce store & do drop - shipping business.

Shopify allows to create online and e-commerce store quickly and easily. Managing your site with the help of Shopify is not that much difficult. Lot's of free Shopify themes and premium Shopify themes are available in the internet, you can check them for your e-commerce store and if you feel good then, you can buy the premium version according to your need or simply, you can install the free version for your store. As we know, for online store, attracting the visitor and getting the high traffic are the most important factor. But, if you are able to choose a good platform and a great theme that suit your store, then, getting traffic is not that much difficult.

Here, I list some free Shopify themes available in the Shopify store .

1) Debut

Free shopify themes

Debut is a free Shopify theme, design to highlights your product and brands by giving a visitor closer look more details about the product when they hover on an image.

Feature Included on Debut:
  • You can zoom the product image
  • Single feature product
  • Video Slideshow, etc.

 2) Minimal - Vintage


Minimal - Vintage is a clean codded and SEO practice theme in a Shopify store. It keeps focus on the product, and has a nice design with many layouts and color. As, this theme is responsive you can view in any screen.

Feature Included on Minimal - Vintage: 
  • Social media icon
  • Slideshow
  • Responsive design, etc.

3) Minimal - Fashion


If you are trying to open the online fashion store, then minimal - fashion theme is the best choice for your store. It is clean coded, responsive ( give a clear view in any screen)and also highlight your product and brand.

Feature Included on Minimal - Fashion: 
  • Enlargeable product previews
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Showcase multiple product in homepage, etc.

4) Minimal - Music

minimal- music

Minimal - Music is the best choice, if you want are trying  to open the online store of musical instruments. This theme focus on the product, which obviously, attract the customer.

Feature Included on Minimal - Music:
  • Product image zoom
  • SEO friendly
  • Social media icons, etc.

5) Venture – Boxing


Venture – Boxing is a free Shopify theme that is suitable for selling the highest volume product. The demo website shows the store of selling boxing gear, however, its equally good for other online store.

Feature Included on Venture - Boxing :
  • Homepage slider
  • Promotional bar
  • Responsive, etc.

6) Supply - Blue


Supply - blue is a free Shopify theme, mostly suitable for large inventories. It Showcase and filter the large inventories and also allow you to receive the reviews on your products.

Feature Included on Supply - Blue :
  • Built for large inventories
  • Display multiple feature in homepage
  • Collection filtering in sidebar, etc.

7) Supply - Light


Supply - light, another free Shopify theme for large inventories. It is designed for large and medium inventory store with clean and responsive design.

Feature Included on Supply - Light :
  • Responsive theme
  • Highlights the Products
  • Manage the large inventories, etc.

8) Simple


Another official and supportive theme by Shoify, Simple, It is responsive theme you can easily view in any screen. It is clean coded and Perfect for showcasing your products.

Feature Included on Simple :
  • Transition effects
  • Easy to customize setting
  • Sleek animations, etc.

9) Boundless

boundless - shoify

Boundless is a free theme by Shopify and it is suitable for selling the fashion items. A very responsive theme which is fitted on any screen and give a beautiful look. The main attraction of this theme is that it provides a slideshow on the homepage.

Feature Included on Boundless :
  • Photo collections
  • Sticky navigation
  • Home page video, etc.

10) Pop

pop- shopify

Pop is a minimal theme design to keep your content accessible. It is suitable for small quantities of products and wish to focus on small products. This theme is mostly suited for selling the beauty products, tea, coffee type products.

Feature Included on Pop :
  • Sidebar navigation
  • Homepage slideshow
  • Product image zoom, etc.

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