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Best Free Online Image Compressor & Optimizer Tools

There is a saying that, "The First Impression is The Last Impression,". Yes, this is true. If you are the owner of any sites, then you must make a good impression so that your customers love to visit your sites again & again. Obviously, Slow loading sites make your visitor frustrate and they never want to visit your sites again. For WordPress user there are lots of online Image Compressor Tools or Plugins in, you can use the plugins to make your sites load your sites faster. But, everyone may not be the WordPress user, some of us are the blogger in various sites like Tumblr, Blogspot or somewhere else.

Here, the question may arise, How to make your sites load faster? Before answering this question I want to make clear that the main reason to make your site slow is the images that you use in your sites without compressing. To make your site load faster you need to compress all the image before uploading it to your sites. Definitely, the smaller size image makes your site load faster than large size image.

There are lots of image compressor & optimizer tools on the internet. You may be confused that which Image compressor & optimizer tools is best? In this article, we try to give the answer to this question.

Online Image Compressor & Optimizer Tools :


image optimizer - Tiny Png

Tiny PNG is one of the best image compressors I have ever used. It is very easy to use you just need to drag and drop the image you want to compress & it automatically makes your image size smaller without losing any quality. Just in few clicks, your image is ready to use, click the download button and your compressed image is downloaded on your computer. It supports both JPEG and PNG image files.

  • Free version =  20 image and maximum 5 MB image size each
  • Premium version =  More than 20 images maximum 25 MB each is another most used tool to compress images. It supports PNG, JPEG, SVI & JIF. After compression, if offer two quality image i.e lossy (quality reduction image) and lossless (image quality same). The maximum limit of image size is 10 MB each, and it doesn't allow to upload more than an image at a single time, though, it claims to reduce more than 90% size of your image.

Yet, is another best online image compressor. it compresses images in two quality lossy and lossless, just like The maximum limit of each image in less or equal to 1 MB, however, you can upload unlimited images. offers both free and premium services. The Pro features provide you to save the image in Dropbox, unlocks image resizing, Web Interface, zip uploader, and much more. 

  • Free version =  unlimited image & maximum 1 MB image size each
  • Premium Version = Unlimited image & maximum 32 MB image size each


There are many other online image compressor & optimizer tool to compress your images, But I found the above three are the best for blogger or any other website owner. If you ask of the above mentioned three which is the my favorites  then, I love to say TINY PNG. Lets us know about your favorite online image compressor tools and if you find some important tool is missing, then please mention in the comment we will highly appreciate it. Thank You for Visiting CodeGear Themes.

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